In keeping with the mission of Farm Fuel, we strive to bring affordable products that can be utilized by both commercial and home growers. The objective of the research conducted by Farm Fuel is to determine the potential value and added benefits of using plant-based materials in agriculture as part of a sustainable system.

We have been very fortunate to work with an exceptional group of researchers throughout the Pacific Northwest and California and beyond to help us support growers and their soil health needs. This network of scientists and agricultural professionals has enabled Farm Fuel to connect clients with the answers they may need for a variety of issues.



Much of Farm Fuel’s research has been focused on determining the appropriate applications of mustard seed meal on the farm and in the garden. This includes the mix of mustard species that is most useful, the amount of meal to use, and the timing of the meal application.

Since 2007, Farm Fuel has conducted trials on the central coast of California. Mustard seed meal offers a N-P-K ratio of 4.50 – 1.50 – 1.15 and has proven to be a comparable fertilizer to commercially available fertilizers such as cottonseed meal. We have found exceptional results particularly in apple and strawberry cultivation. We continue to investigate the successful use of mustard products in a wide range of crops including culinary herbs, cannabis, ornamentals, cucurbits, stone fruits, cane berries, and more. Application of Pescadero Gold Mustard Meal Fertilizer in research trials has increased strawberry yield up to 50 percent on organic farms. Please contact FFI for more specific information about trials and crop types, or for a reading list of mustard meal related publications.


Farm Fuel Inc. collaborates with researchers on methods and techniques for controlling pests and pathogens, including the ASD soil treatment method. Our ASD research has focused on how to best scale the technique up from research-sized plots to commercial fields. Through our work, we are learning the best ways to use ASD on the farm. This includes working with different soil types, cultural practices, and carbon sources. We are continuing to expand into new crop types and regions of California, with great success.

For more updated information, please read this detailed ASD issue brief, created in 2016 by one of Farm Fuel’s partners, the Pesticide Action Network North America. This brief summarizes the activities of a 3-year grant provided by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, which helped Farm Fuel introduce ASD to California berry growers. If you would like more information on how Farm Fuel helps farmers implement ASD on site you may contact us.
Visit the Cal Core website for more information on how the collaborative efforts between farmers, the UC and local businesses are making a difference for farmers.


Farm Fuel Inc. is a proud collaborator with the University of Idaho. Click the link to learn more about their Mustard Breeding and Research Programs.


Farm Fuel Inc. is proud to be a collaborator with local schools like UC Santa Cruz. We work closely with their Organic Research and Extension Team to address new and difficult problems in Organic Farming. Click the link below to learn more!

University of California Santa Cruz, California Collaborative Organic Research and Extension Network: CAL-CORE


Farm Fuel Inc. works closely with Washington State University faculty members to improve research done on Mustard Seed Meal Products. Click the link to learn more about their research on Apple Replant Disease.

Washington State University – Organic Research Database