ASD is a soil treatment process, which controls soil borne pathogens and restores a healthy balance to your soil. The ASD process starts by creating anaerobic conditions which initiates a fermentation process in your soil. The process is completed in three easy steps:

  1. Apply a carbon rich soil amendment, also known as a carbon source or in some cases an organic fertilizer, to your soil and incorporate
  2. Cover the soil with a regular plastic tarp
  3. Saturate the soil with water and maintain the soil moisture above the field capacity for 3 weeks

The process naturally rebalances your soil by depriving oxygen to pathogens – essentially disinfesting your soil of pests and promoting growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Plants can be transplanted after the soil returns to an aerobic condition, typically a few days to a week after the process completes.


Farm Fuel has a mixed customer base, we have helped conventional and organic growers use the ASD method. According to a recent University of Florida study, ASD was cost comparative and provided a higher yield with more market desirable fruit, bringing in more money for the operation.

The promises of ASD are evident in grower adoption. Just 4 years ago ASD was used on less than 200 acres. Now, over 1,400 acres are treated with ASD annually.

ASD will defend your soil against root-knot nematodes and soil-borne pathogens such as:

• Verticillium dahiae

• Rhizoctonia solani

• Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. fragariae*

ASD has the potential to increase your marketable yield. Research at the University of California, Santa Cruz has shown ASD treated fields to have an average yield of 99% relative to fumigated controls, and 120% relative to untreated controls, on 10 replicated field trials across California from 2009 – 2015.


Farm Fuel provides farmers with carbon source materials and organic fertilizers that are used to fuel the ASD process. Farm Fuel also provides on farm consultations and monitoring of the ASD process.

Contact Farm Fuel for more information if you are interested in ASD for your farm.

*Higher temperature is needed to control this pathogen with ASD (above 86° F for more than 300 hours). Consult with a Farm Fuel associate for information if you have this pathogen.