• Work towards solving global problems with sustainable solutions on the farm, in the garden, and in our community.
  • Respect the tradition of farming, the ground we farm, and the people we feed.
  • Changing the culture of farming, with the commitment of making it farmer friendly.
  • Provide affordable products that solve realistic problems in the garden and on the farm.
  • Continue to offer products that are exceedingly safe and entirely natural.


Farm Fuel Inc. was started by a group of successful farmers. Our overall company mission revolves around the idea of bringing organic farming and gardening techniques researched by universities into the industry of commercial farming and home gardening.

The company was started by farmers and innovators who dreamed of growing their own fuel. When FFI began working with universities to find the appropriate product – a whole line of other possible products came to light. Our company now researches alternatives to chemical fumigants, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and applies these products to real world farms and gardens.