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Every year between February and May, millions of acres of field, pastures, vineyards and orchards in California blossom with the bright yellow flowers of mustard. This mustard, fed by California's cool winter rains holds the potential for producing a sustainable, organic, locally sourced soil fertilizer and fuel.

Farm Fuel Inc. is available to assist growers, county extension officers, and landowners in the growing, harvesting and seed processing of mustard seed meal.

Our company is staffed with a number of people who are well-trained and educated in farming and building up soil health. We offer our services as consultants for your mustard growing, soil amendment, and cover cropping needs.

Please call us at (831) 763 3950 or email:

Revitalizing your Food System with Farm Fuel Inc.

Using Mustards

Farm Fuel has been researching uses for mustard based products since 2007. Mustard has been used for centuries as a companion crop for growers and today is used as a tool in control of weeds, pathogens, and nematodes. To learn more about Farm Fuel's ongoing research program please visit our 'research' page. To learn the specifics about how mustards can be used on your property as either a pathogen controlling cover crop or fertilizer, please contact us.

ASD and Service Plan

Taylor Hoover, Kurt Jacobsen, and Fernando Garcia, along with numerous field techs, are responsible for coordinating ASD field implementation. They are happy to answer any questions concerning the application of a variety of carbon sources to your soil in a timely manner and procedures required for successful pathogen control. Dr. Joji Muramoto has joined Farm Fuel to ensure strategic deployment of ASD programs on large organic and conventional farms and conduct ongoing research. The aim of our ASD program is to find affordable replacements for synthetic fumigation that work.